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November 8-9, 2017 | The Metropolitan Centre, Calgary, AB

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18th Annual Albert Power Summit


Jason Comandante
Vice President , Regulatory & Environmental Policy
Capital Power Corporation

Blain van Melle
Managing Director, Western Energy Trading
TransAlta Corporation

Alberta is in the process of overhauling its electricity sector. The province of course is not the only jurisdiction taking on this challenge. Decarbonization is a force impacting policy, markets and investment across North America and the globe.

Alberta Power Summit brings together the select roster of local, regional and international speakers to discuss their short- and long-term views on the challenges and opportunities they see for the province as well as their respective organizations, as the industry makes its way through Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan.

This year’s comprehensive two-day program will provide up-to-date insights into the forces that shape the future of Alberta’s and North American electricity markets. Specifically the 2017 Power Summit will tackle the following thought-provoking questions:

  • What are the experts views on today’s and long term challenges and opportunities they see for the province
  • What are Hopes and Fears about the Coming Capacity Market and how to approach the solutions
  • Opines on the impact of the Balancing Pool on Alberta power spot and forward prices and beyond
  • How to ensure a level playing field and the right investment for Albertans
  • What’s important from the rate payer perspective as Alberta makes way through market redesign
  • What’s in store from existing and future loads in the province and how those forces will drive the demand picture
  • What is the long game approach to how Canada and the US will march towards their decarbonization goals
  • Are We Approaching the Intermittent Renewables Saturation Point, if there is one…
  • What the “grid of tomorrow” will look like and how Alberta will get there
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