9th BC Power Summit

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Dear Colleagues:

B.C.’s rapidly evolving energy landscape ensures it is and will remain a central point of focus for government, companies and customers alike. In the past year, the provincial government has shared its goals of accelerating the development of B.C.’s natural gas resources through the announcement of its LNG and other natural gas strategies. At the same time, the new provincial requirements for BC Hydro’s electricity self-sustainability ensure that electricity and power generation issues remain of interest to British Columbians.

Since the last B.C. Power Summit in 2013, natural gas has increasingly been considered an option for power generation and is fast becoming a fuel of choice for the transportation industry. Meeting B.C.’s future needs is a concrete requirement and doing so sustainably and economically will not only be a key challenge but also an opportunity.

Integrated resource planning for cost-effective expansion provides certainty for the future. Holding a place in B.C.’s energy mix, energy efficiency and conservation remains one of the most promising opportunities on the energy landscape as a key alternative to supply-side resources. We must also look at development across B.C., focusing on development of opportunities and sources of capital for First Nations participation in the energy sector.

The speakers at the B.C. Power Summit have all played a leading role in these issues and are well-positioned to offer valuable insight into each of them. Conference attendees will have opportunities to pose questions and engage in informal discussions during the event. All attendees will be provided with conference materials prepared by the speakers.

This conference is a unique opportunity to gain information valuable to your business on an element of strategic importance not only to the provincial economy but to British Columbians’ quality of life.

Executives and managers of energy utilities, significant energy-consumers, IPPs, First Nations and power marketers, will all find this Insight’s 9th B.C. Power Summit invaluable, as will lawyers, consultants, government employees and regulators.

We invite you all to attend!

Co-Chairs of the Conference

Doug Stout
Vice President, Energy Solutions and External Relations

Paul Wilson
Fasken Martineau, LLP

Conference highlights:

Important and thought-provoking questions will be addressed in this comprehensive two day event that is designed to provide an up-to-date insight into the factors that drive the BC and North American electricity markets. Network with your peers and hear about:

  • Power supply outlook for LNG and other industrial projects – the real demand and how to meet it
  • What are the options for gas fired generation beyond LNG projects
  • The way forward for LNG and tariff policy
  • The future of electricity rates – reasonable rate options for all customers
  • The importance of independent and transparent regulation
  • What does the future hold for the IPP industry in BC?
  • Costs of accommodating intermittent renewables
  • Micro grids – what are the implications for consumers and for the utilities?
  • Cumulative impacts of major power projects
  • Building positive partnerships with communities, First Nations and stakeholders
  • Providing electricity to remote communities – solutions to explore
  • What does the future hold for residential and commercial consumers?
  • Demand-side management (DSM) programs – gas and electric utilities
  • 2020 vision for a more energy efficient future


The program will have most direct appeal to:

  • Executives and Managers from:
    • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Users of Electricity
    • Electric Utilities
    • Power Aggregators, Marketers and Brokers
    • Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
    • Independent Power Generators and Service Companies
  • Energy Lawyers, Advisors and Consultants
  • Investors and Financial Officers
  • Regulators and Officials from Federal, Provincial and Local Government Bodies
  • Experts, Officials and Representatives of Interest Groups in Environment, Resources and Economic Development