May 30, 2018 | Vantage Venues, Toronto, ON


May 30, 2018 | Vantage Venues | Toronto, ON

*Draft Agenda (Subject to Change)

7:45 AM | Registration and Breakfast

8:15 AM | Opening Remarks from the Chair 

8:30 AM | A Conversation with 2 Key Economists on the State of Fixed Income in Canada
Hear two of Canada’s top economists in a wide-ranging discussion of critical issues facing the Canadian, US and global economies in a fast changing world of politics and policy. Topics will range from the current state of the U.S. economy, the Canadian finance and housing markets, the status of NAFTA and the relative roles of monetary and fiscal policy — and how they will affect Canadian fixed income investments.

(15 minute question period)

9:30 AM | POWER PANEL: Strategic Asset Allocation Strategies for Fixed Income in 2018-19
Pension plans, along with other institutional investors, have traditionally allocated a large percentage of their portfolios to fixed income. But is this about to change? Hear directly from some of Canada’s top pension and industry thought leaders on the emerging trends and practical strategies in fixed income to thrive in this ever-changing investment environment. Discover:

  • What will be the drivers of a successful portfolio over the next 12 months and how should you position your portfolio?
  • The latest on the top fixed income investment trends in 2018-19
  • How to best structure and manage your fixed income investments in a rising rate environment
  • Where are the most lucrative return and related investment opportunities that lie within the fixed income spectrum?

(15 minute question period)

10:30 AM | Networking Coffee Break

11:00 AM | The Current Fixed Income Opportunities Outside of Canada in 2018-19
There is a lot of merit in tapping fixed income opportunities outside of Canada. Although Canadian pension funds have historically invested close to home, fund managers are now casting a wider net in a global fixed-income strategy. There is a strong case to be made for going global:  It is important to diversify interest rate and economic risk when business cycles, national growth rates, yield curves and monetary policies around the world are swirling in different directions. In this session, you will get a clear view of opportunities to improve your ROI. Discover:

  • What considerations do plan sponsors need to take into account when assessing fixed income outside of Canada?
  • What is the medium-long term outlook for mature economies, and how can you use this to your benefit?
  • A global valuation by geography and sector
  • Who are the rising stars – and the risky bets – in emerging markets?
  • How to hedge against currency and FX volatility

12:00 PM | Strategically Deploying ETFs in Fixed Income for Liquidity and Diversification
With nearly $5-trillion (U.S.) in assets globally, growth in ETFs has become a dominant trend of the era. Vast sums of money spurn what’s now perceived as the stodgy, outmoded mutual fund in favour of its flashy younger cousin. But, as with any investing force that captures the imagination of the masses, there are growing fears of unintended consequences. With ETF investment now reaching over $100 billion in Canada, and growing, discover:

  • The great benefit of ETFs for pension investors: liquidity and diversification
  • The cons of trading ETFs – and overcoming them
  • How smaller plans can take advantage of buying ETFs
  • How should Canadian pension funds think about using ETFs going forward?
  • How are internal teams best structured to facilitate efficient trading of ETFs?

1:00 PM | Networking Luncheon

2:00 PM | How to Achieve Maximized Fixed Income Investing Using Alternative Strategies in 2018-19
As the definition of fixed income continues to broaden, learn about the latest effective alternatives to deliver diversification and income for your portfolio. In this whistle stop tour of the opportunities available for investors across the fixed income markets, find out about:

  • How to benefit from incorporating a much wider range of strategies and assets into your portfolio
  • How to position your portfolios to keep yield while also keeping risk well-managed
  • An exploration of the creative uses of derivatives and swaps
  • Strategies to drive desired outcomes
  • What other ways you can get credit exposure with more liquid products?

2:45 PM | Exploiting the Emerging Opportunities in Corporate Credit and Private Debt
This panel will discuss the most important considerations for institutional investors who plan to increase their commitments to corporate investments 2018-19. You will come away understanding:

  • What yield premiums are available in the corporate field today? And how does this contrast with the long-term average premium?
  • Where are the opportunities in the private debt space for institutional investors in 2018-19?
  • How can investors assess the compensation they receive for illiquidity and credit risks?
  • What tools do successful bond managers employ to achieve superior results?
  • The most effective strategies for obtaining results in this sector

3:30 PM | Networking Refreshment Break

3:45 PM | CASE STUDY: OPTrust | How to Optimize Fixed Income Allocation to Match Your Investment Objectives
Follow the evolution of a leading pension plan’s investment approach in 2018. From strategy
to execution, you will discover OPTrust’s progress in developing a successful internal capital
markets function, including fixed income. Walk away with an understanding of:

  • Member driven investing
  • Development of internal capabilities
  • Risk management benefits of internalized investment management
  • The changing role of fixed income in the plan’s strategic asset mix
  • Changes that the plan has made to increase and optimize fixed income:
    • increasing duration to match liabilities
    • maximizing liquidity by focusing on HQLA
    • developing retro capabilities

4:15 PM THE CONSULTANTS SPEAK: Solving the Challenges of the Fixed Income Market in 2018-19
The economists have spoken. And so has the buy-side. And the sell-side. Now, it’s the consultants’ turn. Bringing a unique and different perspective, three of Canada’s top fixed-income consultants will help you discover:

  • Obtaining top investment returns in face of higher interest rates and inflation
  • Industry trends: what fixed income solutions are your clients using and how do you structure them effectively?
  • The global perspective: what are pension plans doing outside of Canada?
  • The top challenges facing institutional investors — and how to solve them?

5:00 PM | Closing Comments from the Chair and Conference Concludes

5:10 PM | Networking Cocktail Reception