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According to the World Health Organization, Canada’s healthcare system remains steady at a ranking of 30th among all other countries. Over the past decades, the sector has faced numerous challenges, and some of these issues seem to persist regardless of the many solutions designed to overcome them.

The anatomy of the healthcare sector has evolved into a network of diverse entities, coordinating and collaborating to provide quality care. The time has come to strengthen the union among key stakeholders in the industry through better leadership and management initiatives, so that persevering problems in the industry can be finally minimized, if not completely eradicated.

The Canadian Healthcare Leadership Forum 2015 creates the perfect platform for major players in the industry to synergize their efforts towards creating an advanced healthcare system. As leaders of key stakeholder groups are attending, this forum will utilize multiple formats of peer to peer learning. In addition to keynote presentations, case study analyses and panel discussions, the forum will have several breakout roundtable sessions to engage all attendees to address high priority issues. During these sessions, discussion leaders will introduce topics for dialogue, deliberation and analysis.

Conference Highlights:

  • Solutions to persisting and upcoming challenges in the Canadian healthcare industry
  • Cutting-edge technology designed to eliminate problems and boost overall performance of healthcare in Canada
  • Leadership, collaboration and engagement strategies from the top leaders in the healthcare industry in Canada

Who Should Attend:

From Hospitals, Health Networks, Long Term Care Facilities and Healthcare Providers:

  • Presidents/ CEOs/ CFOs/ CIOs/ COOs, Chiefs of Staff, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Nursing Officers
  • Executive VPs, VPs, Executive Directors and Directors of:
    • Planning and Results, Corporate Services, Human Resources
    • Innovation, Transformation, Transition, Strategy and Policy
    • Decision Support, Knowledge Management, Information Shared Systems
    • E-Health, Health Records, Clinical Informatics
    • Supply Chains, Facilities and Infrastructures
    • Legal Affairs, Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Communications

From the Public Sector:

  • Health Ministries, Public Health Agencies, Regional Health Authorities and Governing Councils
  • Procurement Councils
  • Quality and Performance Regulatory Boards
  • Research and Data Management Committees

From the Private Sector:

  • Technology Innovators and Health Information Systems Providers
  • Medical and Technology Consultants
  • Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Medical Supplies Companies
  • Risk Management and Legal Counsels