Insight Information’s Canadian Law Firm Leadership Forum will bring together experts from across Canada’s legal services landscape to explore the key business and management issues facing law firms today. Topics such as talent management, investing in innovation, and continuously improving operational efficiencies to increase client engagement and satisfaction are paramount to firms that want to grow their market leadership position while setting themselves apart from competitors. Through case studies, expert panel discussions, and featured presentations, leading authorities in a range of fields will provide you with tools to critically analyze your firm’s approach to leadership.

Conference Highlights:

  • Client Service – Aligning Service Delivery to Meet Client Expectations
  • Managing Partner Panel: The Business of Managing a Law Firm in the 21st Century
  • Case Study: Strategic Considerations in Partnering and Alternative Service Arrangements
  • CFO Perspectives on Measuring & Improving Law Firm Financial Performance
  • Employee Engagement, Retention and Termination: A Complex Challenge for Law Firms
  • Succession Planning: Perspectives from the Professional Development Experts
  • Technology Driven Disruption: Opportunities and Threats to Law Firms
  • Innovation and the Law Firm Business Model
  • Regulatory Limitations on the Practice of Law: Lessons from Key Jurisdictions
  • Project Management & Law Firms: Discovering Significant Efficiencies and Benefits
  • Views from the Compensation Experts – Examining Sustainability of Law Firm Compensation Models and Pay Structures
  • Professional Practice Liability: Trends, Developments and Key Issues to Consider
  • Case Study: Practice Productivity Enhancements
  • What General Counsel Expect from Law Firms Today

Who Should Attend:

  • Managing Partners
  • Law Firm Board Members
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Directors of Business Development
  • Practice Group Leaders
  • Practice Group
  • Business Managers
  • Directors of Professional Development
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Directors of Finance