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FEBRUARY 25-26, 2016

Full agenda is released.

The global community has accepted that shifting away from the use of fossil fuels and other practices that are causing our climate to deteriorate requires proactive government leadership and action.  Over the past decade, the need for developing carbon markets has gained a lot of traction in North America driven by the developments in the Western Climate Initiative and the recent implementation of the Cap and Trade program in California and Quebec joined this year by Ontario; it has emerged as a vital component of the attempt to reduce GHG Emissions.


Featured Speakers

Glen_Murray_240x260Hon Glen Murray
Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

Keynote session providing a glimpse into the Ontario- Quebec Cap and Trade Agreement, and outlining the path and the vision for the province moving forward. This keynote will highlight important initiatives and key areas of focus of the ministry in this area.

Tim Gray
Executive Director
Environmental Defence Canada

With the recently concluded and much-followed United Nations climate conference, COP21 in Paris, shifting to a low-carbon economy has come into the spotlight world over. Tim Gray will discuss how a cap and trade system can help tackle climate change.

The 5th edition of the Cap and Trade Forum places a focus on the impact of the Quebec-Ontario Cap and Trade Agreement on businesses, policy frameworks and consumer interests.  This year’s forum provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain practical insights from North American industry leaders, leverage meaningful peer-to-peer networking to share ideas and strategies, examine cutting edge solutions to emerging challenges and evaluate new ways of thinking to meet our environmental objectives.

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