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March 7 – 8, 2016 | Four Seasons Hotel | Vancouver, B.C.

Keeping sight of long term goals and investment mandates is a challenge that even the most patient investors face in a global economy that continues to pour new predicaments on the embers of a long overdue sustainable recovery. With tumbling commodity prices, a depreciating Canadian dollar and the spillovers from the global economic crisis, all institutional investors including executive teams from Foundations and Endowments have to consistently review their strategies in order to manage their funding, spending and investment mandates.

The 6th Canadian Foundations and Endowments Forum brings together the senior leadership teams from Foundations, Endowments and Not-for-Profit Organizations to share best practices to successfully navigate the complex maze of investments, philanthropic initiatives, and governance structures that are part of the roadmap to providing the adequate support for the organization’s purpose and mission.



Barbara Grantham
President & CEO
VGH + UBC Hospital Foundation

Sandra Richardson
President & CEO
Victoria Foundation

Effective Foundation and Endowment Management: Practical Strategies from Foundation Leaders

Economic forecasts and organizational effectiveness are one thing, but every executive knows even the best laid plans can hit bumps in the road when it comes to achieving their annual organizational goals.

This year’s CEO panel puts a practical spin on how they interpret the economic forecasts, and plan on optimizing resources, managing risk and collaborating effectively with investment and finance committees in the context of a volatile economic environment

Get a bird’s eye view through a CEOs eyes as they outline the various internal and external pressures that keep them up at night whether these are economic, societal, organizational… or something else altogether!

Join us for this two-day event in Vancouver!

Hear first-hand case studies and walk away with strategic insights on how to invest with maximum impact, and how to develop and implement SRI principles into your portfolio to align it with your organizations’ mandate.

Join top investment executives and top decision-makers as we delve into strategies to optimize use of resources, collaborating effectively with investment and finance committees to generate superior returns in an uncertain landscape; mitigate exposure, identify efficient grant making best practices and evaluate the role of foundations and endowments in a modern society.