Canadian Foundations and Endowments Forum

Mar 7-8, 2016 | Vancouver, BC



March 7, 2016

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Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair

Sustainability in Uncertainty: Adapting Investment Strategies to Current Market Conditions

The looming threat of a further depreciating currency, declining commodity prices and low interest rates coupled with a slow economic growth have raised serious questions about the current state of the Canadian economy.

Join us for a session with a Chief Economist to discuss where theCanadian economy is headed in the short and long term based on the spillovers from the global economy and what ramifications these hold for Canadian investors.

CEO Panel | Effective Foundation and Endowment Management:Practical Strategies from Foundation Leaders

Economic forecasts and organizational effectiveness are one thing, but every executive knows even the best laid plans can hit bumps in the road when it comes to achieving their annual organizational goals.

This year’s CEO panel puts a practical spin on how they interpret the economic forecasts, and plan on optimizing resources, managing risk and collaborating effectively with investment and finance committees in the context of a volatile economic environment

Get a bird’s eye view through a CEOs eyes as they  outline the various internal and external pressures that keep them up at night whether these are economic, societal, organizational… or something else altogether.

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Alternative Investments

Many larger endowments and foundations have made alternative investments part of their core allocations. Is this approach justified for smaller foundations as well?

This session will explore the difficult question of how to appropriately and responsibly integrate alternative investments into an institutional portfolio.

How the “New Emerging Markets” Fits in a Portfolio – Excel Funds

  • Overview of EM: Country Diversity, Demographics and Balance Sheets
  • Importance of Investment Process and Risk Management
  • Key “New EM” Investment Themes: Education, Technology, Healthcare, Consumer, etc.
  • Why EM equities and fixed income: low correlation, valuation and growth potential

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Accessing and Demystifying Global Fixed Income Markets

Given the turbulent financial times, many investors are consideringreducing risk by diversifying their portfolios and venturing beyondtraditional domestic core fixed income to non-Canadian fixed income markets. Industry experts will discuss the potential benefits of globally diversifying your clients’ bond holdings and how it can help them meettheir long-term investing goals.

  • The risk and opportunities within global fixed income
  • Why a global approach makes sense

Beyond the Benchmarks: The Value of Active Management

Over the past several years, index-style investing has grown in popularity as the merits of active management have come into question. However, some view indexing as a momentum strategy that can expose investors to undesired risks, particularly in uncertain market environments.

This session will discuss the role and value of active management and how, in our view, active managers are better positioned to uncover relative value across the asset class spectrum and account for the interactionsand correlations between multiple risk factors.

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CIO Outsourcing

There’s no “one size fits all approach” when it comes to setting the course for your organization’s investment program. Outsourcing the CIO role can potentially be the right decision in order to meet your foundation’s objectives. Evaluate the latest on the risks and rewards involved in outsourcing the CIO role. Can this strategy be beneficial for your foundation or endowment? Or Does a more hybrid option suit your organizations’ needs better?

Top Compliance Issues for Foundations and RecentLegal Developments

In this session discover the most important legislative developments that you may not be aware of but should be on your radar:

  • Strategies for donation and fund raising
  • Tax-efficient gifting strategies
  • Common compliance issues for Canadian registered charities

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March 8, 2016

Continental Breakfast

Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Governance Model:Practical Strategies to Take Back to Your Board

Board members play a crucial role as part of any foundation orendowment. For some, serving on a committee may be part oftheir job responsibilities; for others, it may be purely voluntary.All members of the board, monitor, assess the fund’s performance, the manager’s outlook & strategy, KPIs and share the unique fiduciary responsibility of making decisions on behalf of the current or future beneficiaries of a pool of assets.

During this panel, members from various foundations and endowmentswill discuss their key challenges and priorities from a governance perspective considering investments in light of future evolution andplanning for expected capital needs.

Networking Coffee Break

Impact Investments – UBC Sauder Centre of Impact Investing

This session is focused on providing practical tools for foundation sand endowments interested in learning about responsible investment and incorporating responsible investment practices into their investment management.

Networking Luncheon

Efficient Fundraising

Funding sources change but fundraising remains constant to the work of most foundations and endowments. Many foundations and endowments are finding that online fundraising has become a way to augment their traditional fundraising strategies by effectively engaging multiple donors and optimizing the cost of fundraising.

Join this panel discussion to hear more about:

  • Optimizing Cost per Dollar
  • Managing Donor relations
  • Leveraging Technology ( social media, online platforms) as a means of effective fundraising

Strengthening the Grant Making Process

Efficient and effective practices ensure that the maximum amount of resources are directed to an organization’s mission—both grant makers and the grantees’.

Join grant makers in this discussion to explore:

  • How various foundations have streamlined grant making practices
  • Real world examples of streamlined practices
  • Tools that impact streamlining of grants, lead to effective grant making decisions and reporting practices

Role of Foundations in a Modern Society

Private foundations and endowments have become important global actors pursuing social, economic, and political change around the world. They use their local knowledge and strong networks to address the unique needs of their communities—and in many cases they re-grant foundation funds to smaller nonprofits, local projects, and community-building initiatives.

Learn from senior foundation leaders how their organizations strengthen local institutions, and mobilize their communities to create opportunity and solutions to local challenges.

Conference Concludes

6th Canadian Foundations and Endowments Forum

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