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December 6-7, 2017 | Chelsea Hotel, Toronto


As renewable energy technologies become more affordable upgrading your community’s electricity generation becomes a much more viable option. Join us at the Aboriginal Energy Forum and discover how you can invest in clean energy to create new economic opportunities and a self-sufficient community.


  • Indigenous Community Members: Chiefs and Councillors, economic development directors and officers, negotiators and mediators
  • Senior Executives, Directors, Managers from the energy sector, sustainable development technology and mining industry
  • Investors, academics, and others involved in advancing clean energy initiatives, such as off-grid diesel reduction
  • Federal, Provincial & Municipal Government Officials and Representatives in:
    – Aboriginal Affairs
    – Business Development
    – Energy
    – Sustainable Development
    – Remote Communities Infrastructure
  • Legal Counsel Practicing Aboriginal, Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law
  • Consultants in Energy and Natural Resources
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