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February 28 – March 1, 2018 | Toronto, ON

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In 2017, utility firms, energy experts, and government agencies are scheduled to gather in Toronto at the 16th Ontario Power Summit.

Hear from leading industry experts, network with fellow industry colleagues and key decision-makers, and gain a comprehensive review of developments in the region’s power sector. Tackle the greatest challenges in energy policy and economic development through forward thinking and innovative stratagems.

Take away valuable insights into upcoming opportunities presented by the continually evolving technology.

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Chair of the Program

Chair of the Board of Directors,
Toronto Hydro Corporation
Gowling WLG
Director, Ontario Energy Association

Conference Highlights and confirmed panelists:

  • Power Market Renewal – What are the Opportunities and Challenges?
  • Renewable Energy Generation – What is the Future in Ontario?
  • Ontario experienced a large amount of investment over the past decade in renewable energy generation driven by Provincial government energy policy, particularly with the enactment of the Green Energy Act. The government has put the brakes on new renewable energy projects in light of market conditions and controversy over electricity prices. This panel will discuss the short and long term future of renewable energy generation in Ontario?
  • Utility Transformation – Is It Happening?
  • Utilities around the world are facing significant new threats to their long-standing business models arising from the introduction and spread of innovative technologies, such as distributed generation and micro-grids.  Some commentators have even talked about “the death of utilities”. This panel will look at what Ontario’s wires companies think about this challenge and what they are doing to meet it.
  • District Energy – Does it Have a Future in Meeting the Energy needs of Ontario?
  • District energy has been used to meet heating and/or cooling requirements in Toronto and Markham for many years. District energy has also been broadly employed in a number of European countries. Toronto is proposing to expand district energy in the city to both meet heating loads and to help meet the city’s greenhouse gas commitments. This panel will investigate the potential role of district energy in meeting Ontario’s energy needs both within Toronto and Markham as well as beyond in other municipalities?
  • What is the future of Natural Gas in Meeting Ontario’s Energy Needs?
  • Natural gas has been meeting an increasing amount of Ontario’s heating requirements in recent decades and has assumed a larger role in meeting the province’s electricity needs through the development of gas fired generation plants. Over the past couple of years, the role of natural gas has been thrown into doubt with the statement by Ontario’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change that natural gas should be eliminated as an energy source by mid-century. While the government appears to have backed away from that statement, this panel will probe the long term role of natural gas in meeting Ontario’s energy requirements whether it is for heating or power generation.
  • Regulatory Reform – What is Its Scope and Impact?
  • The Ontario Energy Board recently has put forward ideas to reform the province’s energy regulatory approach and the governance of LDC’s.  This panel will consider the scope of the reforms proposed and their likely impact on the OEB and the licensees which it regulates.
  • Cybersecurity – An Ever Present Threat
  • Cyber incursions and attacks are challenging business, government, and even charitable organizations throughout the world.  The vulnerability of Ontario’s electricity system to cyber-attacks is of growing concern, which has brought action from the Ontario Energy Board. The panel will look at the nature and scope of the threat and what the OEB, the IESO and the utilities are doing to meet the threat.
  • Nuclear Refurbishment – A Progress Report

Get Expert Opinions and Gather Invaluable Insights on

  • Power Market Renewal – What are the Opportunities and Challenges?
  • Renewable Energy Generation – What is the Future in Ontario?
  • District Energy – Does it Have a Future in Meeting the Energy needs of Ontario?
  • The Future of Natural Gas Generation in the Clean Energy Systems
  • Utility Transformation – Is It Happening?
  • Regulatory Reform – What is Its Scope and Impact?
  • Cybersecurity – An Ever Present Threat
  • Nuclear Refurbishment – A Progress Report