February 28 – March 1, 2018 | Toronto, ON


Over the last year, we have seen a significant change in attitudes over energy. Not only have we seen a shift in the Federal government’s economic mandate, we are experiencing new stressors for reducing carbon, and a technological revolution that is changing the relationships between LDCs and customers. Moving forward, we must recognize the new challenges and opportunities this creates.

  • Discover what the future holds for Ontario’s electric utilities
  • Understand how to invest in energy as a means for regional economic development
  • Gain insight on how to move forward in a low carbon world in both policy and practice
  • Learn about current mergers and the consolidation of utilities, and what’s next
  • and much more!

Who Should Attend

Public and Private Electric Utilities
  • CEOs, COOs and Counsel
  • Senior Executives, Directors and Managers in:
    • Asset Management
    • Business Development
    • Customer Relations
    • Market Analysis
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • T&D, Nuclear, and Green Energy
  • Board Members and Stockholders
Public Sector and Non-Profits
  • Regulators and Policy Advisors
  • Government Representatives from:
    • Federal Ministries
    • Provincial Ministries
    • Municipalities
  • Representatives of Interest Groups in:
    • Consumer Care
    • Economic Development
    • Environment
    • Green Energy
    • Industry Relations
    • Power Generation
    • Transmission & Distribution
Private Sector
  • Investors and Financial Officers
  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
  • IT Solution Providers
  • Lawyers, Advisors and Consultants

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