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Social, political and economic change affects us all, albeit with varying degrees of severity. Those working in labour and employee relations are perhaps exposed to the largest implications of these changes more than other professionals. Social changes and attitudes towards drug usage, mental health or effects of social media are immediately felt in workplaces across Canada. The political shifts and policy changes impact on critical labour market issues like skills development and the future of Temporary Foreign Worker Programs. Additionally, globalisation brings the effects of economic pressures and realities into the labour and employment world through organizational restructuring, downsizing and mergers in the face of increasing competition.

The 2016 Western Labour and Employee Relations Forum brings together leading experts, top practitioners and key stakeholder representatives to engage in the assessment of the implications and ramifications of these latest developments. For union representatives and labour relations professionals, this forum provides an efficient opportunity to stay abreast of changing legislation, influential arbitration and judicial decisions and collaborative solutions to the most pressing issues in the area of labour relations.

This forum has consistently delivered value as a practical resource of professionals on an annual basis and we are certain that you will find this year’s forum very worthwhile. We look forward to seeing you there.

Conference Highlights

  • Managing constructive employer-union-employee relationships in the face of downsizing, global competition and unions’ structural changes
  • Be aware of the updates on laws and policies that impact collective bargaining to avoid costly mistakes
  • Extensive analysis into human rights violation cases in the workplace and the latest on associated policies and compensations
  • Drawing a line between duty to accommodate and undue hardship: disabilities, addictions, absenteeism and return-to-work policies
  • Keep up with trends: managing social media and technology in the workplace
  • Latest on drug testing and other laws: privacy, rights and responsibilitiess

Who Should Attend

  • Chiefs, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers of:
    • Human Resources
    • Labour and Employee Relations
    • Benefits, Compensation and Payroll
    • Operations and Administrations
  • Union Presidents, Business Agents, Stewards and Committee Members
  • In-house Counsel
  • Employment and Labour Lawyers
  • Mediators and Arbitrators
  • Administrative Law Practitioners
  • HR and Labour Relations Consultants
  • Benefits and Pension Consultants
  • Association Representatives